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Decker Beef selling local quality beef!!


Decker Beef was recently spotlighted on the All About Hennessey'sClick for details Facebook page.  Click

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Four wheelers not allowed on town streets


According to the Town of Ringwood Municipal Ordinance Section 15-230:  4-wheelers, mini bikes and similar motorized vehicles for use off the streets,are prohibited from operating on the streets within the corporate limits of the town.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the town offices.

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Solicitors must have License!!


All solicitors in the Town of Ringwood are required to purchase a Peddlers License from City Hall.  Solicitors must have the proper identification and complete the application before a license can be issued.  All Ringwood residents have the right to ask any solicitor if they can provide their license for review.  Please refer to the Business page of this website to review the Peddlers License Application.  The fee is $30.00 per day.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at (580)883-5550.

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Animals running at large prohibited!


ALL animals are to be confined or on a leash at all times in the Town of Ringwood city limits!  Animals running at large are prohibited and may result in fines being issued!  Let's all be good neighbors!  Thank you!

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Need Help with City Services Schedule?


Confused which day is YOUR trash pickup day?  All polycarts are to be picked up on Thursday.  2 yard dumpsters will be picked up on Monday and/or Thursday.  IF your trash is missed, please call the City office at (580)883-5550.

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