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Welcome to the Town of Ringwood!! The Board of Trustees of the Town of Ringwood would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our small community. Here is a little history of how our small town began. In the Fall of 1895, some of the citizens of the area met at the crossroads at the SW Corner of what is now the present day Town of Ringwood. They met to see what could be done about getting a post office and grocery store to locate at the crossroads.

A committee was appointed to see what could be done. Mr. J.D. Branham was a postmaster of a post office located 3 miles East and 1/4 mile North of the present day site of Ringwood. The committee called on Mr. Branham and he told them he wanted to close his post office and for the committee to get a signed petition to move the post office and name his successor. In return, all he wanted was a Stetson hat. He got the hat and Ringwood got the post office.

Mr. Branham explained how he selected the name for the post office. One bright morning he was out in the yard walking around and he notices a ring of woods beginning in the NW and extending south, clear around to the SE. He decided that Ringwood would be an appropriate name for the post office.

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